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About Us

WTSoftware is a leader in the segment of software for PC monitoring. Headquartered in São Paulo / Santo Amaro, our software is highly tested before launching online, all updates are tested as well.

We are always updating ourselves in the market and to always offer you a monitoring solution, we have monitoring for computer and android cell phone, 2 products of high quality and maximum confidence of customers who already use.

Installed Programs
643 K
Happy Customers
75 %

Our Qualities and Goals

See why we have been the largest device monitoring company in Brazil for over 13 years.


Through our tools, protect families and children from the risks of the Internet and increase security and productivity in companies.


WTSoftware is the premier company promoting the correct and safe use of technology resources, promoting the education and protection of thousands of children, and for better business outcomes.


Our software has been chosen several times as the best monitoring software in the national market and therefore we have also been sold to people residing in various parts of europe, such as England and Portugal.